What are the best antivirus software-2018 among some 45 commercially (or more) available antivirus programs currently commercially available, updated to the latest Windows systems? It is very difficult to evaluate all this software since each one has to be put to difficult testing to determine how good it really is. Microsoft offers a free basic anti-virus program that can be downloaded from Microsoft as Security Essentials. Windows 8 includes it as Windows Defender. Microsoft says it never wanted to compete with available commercial products but that its included software is meant to assure a basic level of antivirus security. You can expect that commercially available subscription security will provide significantly better protection than the Microsoft software. None of the available anti-virus software scores perfectly on all the requirements.

The best antivirus software should be able to detect a variety of harmful programs (for example, viruses, Trojans, spyware, malware, worms, rootkits, spam, and phishing programs) that can invade your computer and impede its operation. It should be updated regularly to include the latest protection code. It should then be able to delete the malware once it is detected, after it infects (so called “passive protection”). The best antivirus software should also run in the background unobtrusively to act as a screen or firewall to prevent infection (so called “active protection”). The protection should cover web browser, e-mail, external storage files, and local area networks.

The best antivirus software should have extensive customer support through telephone, live-chat, and e-mail. Good customer support may include the capacity for a technician to directly view and interact with your machine.

The best available protection programs are still those offered by established companies. These companies have developed and maintain extensive libraries of malware code and fixes. The anti-virus business requires continuous research and development to keep up with the development of new malware.

Norton AntiVirus- Top internet security software

Norton AntiVirus has been around since the beginning of the PC. The company has developed an inventive and powerful system for deleting malware. It has the capability of accessing an extensive cloud-based database of files that can replace or correct files damaged by malware. The customer service is excellent. Technicians at Norton will spend the time to work on your computer to correct complex problems. Customer support includes remote intervention when needed. The cost for one year is about $50 which covers up to three PCs.

McAfee Antivirus Plus- One of the best antivirus software-2018

McAfee is another antivirus system that has been around for many years. The technical resources of this company are extensive. McAfee is often included as a free program on new computers. This is good because raw installation of this software sometimes presents difficulties. The pre-installation means that it can be simply renewed. The hard work is already done. The real-time scanning and detection capabilities of the software are just ordinary. However, technical support is excellent. The program comes with a CleanBoot disk that has an off-hard-drive capability to scan and clear up problems. The cost of McAfee for a year on one PC lists at $47. The software comes in CD format including the CleanBoot disk.

Webroot Secure Anywhere Antivirus- Another top Antivirus software

Webroot is perhaps the smallest and quickest to install of the current crop of anti-virus programs. The company claims compatibility with other security software so that another malware program can be used along with it. Webroot has proven itself in its impressive power to find and remove malware. The software instantly displays a history of recent scans and computer performance data, then sets up a performance baseline. It scans multiple times to remove malware it identifies and check its work. If the software can’t remove a piece of resistant malware it refers you to the technical support team. A support agent remotely employs specialized tools to remove stubborn specific viruses. The cost of Webroot Secure retails at $40 for one PC/ year.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus- One of the best antivirus under $50

Bitdefender offers a free downloadable version which has some of the capability of the paid version. The freeware version demonstrates how powerful the software is at cleaning out malware. Once you try the free version you will probably want to buy the software. Bitdefender is indeed a powerful program that detects and cleans malware of all types very effectively in published tests. It includes both active and passive protection against a full range of malware types. It includes special protection for financial transactions. It scans social media contacts. Bitdefender retails at $40 per PC/year.

Kaspersky AntiVirus- Great 2016 Antivirus under $50

Kaspersky AntiVirus is often included as a free trial version on new PCs. You can download the free 30-day trial version on-line as well. The free 30 day trial idea is disconcerting since the program is hard to remove after the trial is over. However, Kapersky seems to be a very effective anti-virus system. It includes an off-hard-drive rescue disk that solves many malware problems outside of Windows. There is a massive system of technical support from independent technical consultants. Many offer extended support on a paid basis. The program retails for $40 per PC/Year.

TechGenie Total Support

TechGenie is part of a complete online computer support service offered by iYogi, an offshore company that offers full-time technical support by phone, chat, and remote on a subscription basis. The cost of a PC/year is $170. For that cost, iYogi installs a suite of computer maintenance and virus protection software including TechGenie. Clients are encouraged to contact the company regularly to undergo maintenance to keep the computer operating up to standard. TechGenie software has shown itself to be a powerful tool for removing malware on an active and passive basis. Additional tools are available from iYogi for stubborn problems. TechGenie updates itself more than once an hour, signaling updates with a pop-up.

Other Best Antivirus Software 2018

Trend Micro Titanium AntiVirus+ and PC-Matic are other well known products that are known to do best what they are supposed to do but there are also free antivirus that are available in the internet that is known to at least give you basic protection. Although they are at the moment do their job, it is not recommended simply because they are free and the developers will not have any obligation to fix the issues and problem if the product happen to stop working properly. Since a paid antivirus can be typically bought for less than a “fortune”, it is always wise to install a paid product because it is commercial and shall any problem arise the company will have the obligation to address the issue. Anyways, Anvi Smart Defender, Avast, Baidu antivirus are some of the best free antivirus. Hopefully, this article answered your question, what is the best antivirus software? Share this post on best antivirus software-2018!


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