Ladies and Gentlemen, here comes windows 10! Expect to get the whole site updated in coming months with new “best laptops” because Microsoft is coming out with windows 10 soon. As of this writing, windows insider program members are able to download preview version of the new operating system. Media is buzzing with the news and many wonder why there is no Windows 9? Some think they are being superstitious. I did a little digging and found out 9 is a superstitious number in Japan and since Microsoft is not a Japanese company, I don’t believe superstition was  a reason for skipping windows 9. I think it has to do with lots of 9x operating systems in the past or they are saving it for some new innovation. Either God or Microsoft knows. 🙂

Along with other enhancements, windows 10 comes with start button back at its long owned spot. Windows xp and windows 7 makes up more than 75% of the operating systems that are in use today. I think bringing back the start button is to provide windows 7 and XP users with more comfortable transition as sooner or later they will have to and they might find the new windows confusing. Great job with that Microsoft! Microsoft has said that the new OS will have multiple desktops, and that sounds amusing.

If you have laptop with previous versions of windows, you can upgrade it to windows 10 once the final version is out. You can find out how to upgrade your OS system to windows 10. But it is wise to wait till the final version is publicly released to avoid bugs and crashes.

In near future, we will work around the clock to replace all of our recommended laptops to laptops with windows 10 OS. Thanks for reading.


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