Write For Us- Technology Article,Your Tech StartUps and Apps

Do you have an interesting technology story to share? Or do you want to inform our readers about your apps or start ups? Congratulations! It will be our great pleasure to publish your story. Like most other magazines, we have certain (but simple) rules for you to follow if you want to write technology articles for us.

Rules to write for us-Technology articles, Start up tech companies and apps

  • Must be unique of course. If you cannot provide a unique story, we are not your best friends. Poorly written articles will be rejected. That being said, the story can be written in plain words. It must be unique and it must make sense what you are talking about. We will edit your story if there are few grammatical errors.
  • Available categories to write: Computers, Headphones, Tech in Music, tech startups, apps, smartphones, innovations, software, hardware, Technology.
  • Although we do not have minimum words requirement to write for us, we¬†think any story that has less than 250 words are not worth publishing.
  • Link all you want but if you are abusing it, we will reject your story. Links should be appropriate and align with common sense. If you are writing to promote your tech company or app, we will let you link to your homepage but most of the times, we will not allow you to point at homepage of any website.
  • If you re-publish the same¬†story somewhere else after publishing with us, we will delete your story.

If you think you can follow our simple rules, get in touch with us by sending a quick message below. Write your name, your website information and what do you want to write about. We will swiftly reply and we will go from there.

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